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I am extremely reserved about my personal life.

As I reflect on this past decade (and a lot of younger people follow me) I feel obligated to share.

We share the highest of highs, however, we don't share the lows.

A brain injury from a car accident, being continually told no more times than I could count... My book, the sorority.. Coupled with personal issues, the list was never ending.

I still pushed forward.

It's all part of the process. Every setback. It's all part of my story, the things have made me, me!

So, don't forget your grit, or underestimate ability to grow. And please don't forget your resiliency.

All I ask is if you are struggling, you try one more time. It's in the lowest points that you will look back say to yourself "look at how far I've come" look at what I did! And that in and of itself will be worth it. You can do hard things!

Now, go change the world! Infuse lots of love into it.

A huge thank you to my friends who have always pushed me to be my best!



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